Data Analysis Tool (DAT)

The Data Analysis Tool (DAT) gives users hands-on access to the MTMs massive data sets in an easy-to-use format. The DAT puts the data at the fingertips of the users allowing for customizable analysis of the information that matters the most to them.

Multiple Ways to View Output Data

View output as a percentage or blow it up to the population with our population estimate option. And whether you want to simply view the information on your screen or export it to another document, the choice is yours.

Run Multiple Variables at Once

The new DAT makes it possible to run multiple questions at once which is perfect for output that shows the whole picture. Whether it’s looking at the popularity of all of the online video sites, understanding how different age groups adopt technology or seeing how your brand fares against the competition, this feature makes it all possible.

Drag and Drop Functionality for Ease of Use

Our new drag and drop functionality makes it easier for users to visualize the output that they will receive. Whether it’s pulling in a single variable or setting up a table with row and column variables, the DAT aims to make analysis accessible.

Intuitive Search Options to Find the Questions You Want

With a larger data set to explore than ever before, being able to easily locate the questions and variables you want is even more important. The new DAT lets users to search by topics or by specific question number allowing users to both ‘browse’ the questionnaire to see what was asked on any given topic or zero in on exactly what they’re looking for. The best of both worlds at your fingertips!

Personalization Options to Save Preferred Setting

Now with personalized logins, the DAT lets users save up to five unique preferred setting options. Saving your most common filters and data runs has never been easier.

Customizable Cross-tabulations and Filter Options

Sometimes an executive level report just can’t give you all the information you need in the way you need it. The DAT makes it easy for businesses to zero in on the data they want and customize it to their needs. Find the penetration of any technology or activity. Cross any variable by any variable. The choice is yours. Data can also be filtered by virtually any question including demographics, brand, service provider and more!