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Introducing MTM Junior! A look to Canada’s future

Introducing MTM junior! A look to Canada’s future


Paid TV service still tops, but more Anglophones opt for ‘TV My Way’: MTM


Households with teens more likely to have paid TV subscription: MTM


Les habitudes médiatiques des familles francophones analysées


Canadian internet-based TV services grew by 10.3 percent in 2017: CRTC


Google Home is the most popular smart speaker in Canada, says report


According to new MTM report: 85% of online Canadians report having some level of concern surrounding the impact of fake news in the world today, plus other key findings


Fake news worries 85% of online Canadians: MTM report


Facebook reigns supreme with Canadians: study

Media in Canada

Approximately 45 percent of Canadians watch both traditional and online content: MTM


Nearly half of all Canadians watch a combination of traditional and online content: MTM


Canadians are “cord jumping” to find the content they want: MTM


Canadians struggling to find a TV service that suits them: report


Who Will Win the Smart Speaker War in Canada?


TV and OTT subscriptions almost equal: study

Media in Canada

Over half of Canadian Anglophones opt for traditional TV subscription with a side of OTT: MTM


Younger Canadians most likely to pirate content: MTM


Canadians trust traditional, mainstream media in these times of fake new MTM




Netflix rules for drama, CBC for online news study

Media In Canada


Broadcast Dialogue



Why new subscribers are proving the lifeblood of the wireless gameplan

Financial Post

Research rocks! Who’s listening to podcasts And why should advertisers care

A Journal of Musical Things

Could You Go Phone-Free For A Whole Weekend At Adult Summer Camp

The Globe and Mail

foodora now supports voice ordering through Amazon Alexa


A look at smart speaker adoption in Canada


Fall TV’s balancing act


One in eight Canadians pirated movies in the past month: MTM

Mobile Syrup

Why DAZN CEO thinks it’s prime time for streaming live sports online

Financial Post

Siri winning battle of the virtual assistants in Canada: poll

The Hamilton Spectator

One in four anglophone Canadians not paying for traditional TV service: report

The Globe and Mail

Télévision: baisse de 4% des abonnés francophones en 2017

La Presse

Assistants à commande vocale : Siri devance sa concurrence


Boomers love traditional TV, but OTT penetration is strong: study

FYI Music News

Canadians Lead World In ‘Binge-Racing’ Tv Shows, Netflix Says “We Blame The Snow.”


Netflix Leads Streaming Services In Canada

The Globe & Mail

Pick-and-pay TV system a hit with Canadians, nearly one third bought solo channels: report

National Post

Why You’ll End Up Paying For TV’s Fight Against Netflix

Toronto Star

Cable Fading and Online TV Rising: Study


Canadians spend more time online at expense of face-to-face time


Canadian Internet Connections Have Reached Saturation: Study

Media in Canada

Concerns Raised As Report Suggests Canadians Spending More Time Online

CTV News Atlantic

Wearable Growth Slowed By Lagging Interest In Smart Watches: Study

Media in Canada

Has New Media Changed Seniors’ Love of TV and Print?

Media in Canada

Torontonians Over-Index On Tablets, Montrealers Love Online Video: Study

Media in Canada

Move Over, Millennials – Boomers Are the Binge-Watchers to Watch

Kingstar Media

Binge-Watching Isn’t Just for Millennials: Study

Media in Canada

Anglophones Own More Portable Devices; Boomers Love Their iPads: MTM Reports


Anglophones Dominate In Smartphone Ownership And Online Video: Study

Media In Canada

Boomers Love Traditional TV, But OTT Penetration Is Strong: Study

Media In Canada

Amazon Prime Video Officially Coming To Canada

Toronto Sun

Podcast Listening Continues To Rise: MTM

Media In Canada

Top five media and tech trends according to the MTM

News Wire - CISION

Majority Of Anglophones Stream Audio Online: MTM


Podcast Festival Hits Toronto For The First Time

24 Hours Toronto

Not All Millennials Are Created Equal: Study

Media In Canada

Most Canadians Discover Tv Content Via Word Of Mouth: MTM


Three Quarters Of Anglophone Canadians Now Social Networkers: MTM


How Do Canadians Choose What To Watch?


Advertising Still Pays Off For Content Discoverability: MTM


Do Canadians Know If They’re Watching Online TV?


Rabbit Ears Are On The Rise: Mtm


'TV My Way' segment continues to grow: MTM

Marketing, Chris Powell

Report: 60 percent of U.S. broadband households use OTT services

CED Magazine

MTM study paints picture of landline cutters

Marketing, Chris Powell

Netflix to block services that bypass local content rules

Toronto Star

Millennials embrace two-screens-at-once, OTT: MTM


Internet becoming more common news source: MTM

The Wire Report

Canadians more digitally creative than ever before

The Canadian Press

Canadians take social networking far beyond Facebook: MTM reports


MTM Reports provides insight into Canada

Marketing, Chris Powell

Anglophone Internet users embrace all four screens


BCE’s Netflix-fighting CraveTV has 730,000 users

Toronto Star

More Than Half Of English Canadians Are ‘Second Screeners’: Mtm

Marketing, Chris Powell

MTM Report: Majority of English TV viewers engage with second screen


Growing number of Canadians cutting traditional television, CBC research shows

The Canadian Press

Canadians continue to 'tuning out' of traditional TV: MTM

Marketing, Chris Powell

Multi-tasking now commonplace among TV viewers: MTM

Marketing, Chris Powell

Social networking part of daily life for most Canadians: MTM


Social network users spending more time online: MTM

The Wire Report

Shomi goes out of beta and into OTT


One in seven Canadians forgo paid TV service; Francophones less likely to cut the cord: MTM reports


Potential cord cutters sharpen the knife

Media in Canada

One-fifth of Canadians considering cord-cutting: MTM

The Wire Report

More Anglophones stream audio online but radio holds its own: MTM reports


Online video viewing up an hour a week over year: MTM

The Wire Report, Anja Karadeglija, Derek Abma

Nearly 40 per cent of anglophone Canadians use Netflix: poll

The Canadian Press

Data charges ‘nickel-and-diming’ consumers: group

Business Vancouver, Tyler Orton

Canadian Anglophones cozy up to Netflix as subscriptions top 38%: MTM


Nearly 1 in 10 anglophone Canadians no longer watch any TV, just web video poll

The StarPhoenix, Michael Oliveira

Nearly a third of Canadian Netflix users pretend to be American

Tech Crunch, Darrell Etherington

5 things about how young and old Canadians are using technology

Ottawa Citizen, Michael Oliveira

Subscription streaming services are growing fast in Canada, will dominate

CARTT, Linda Stuart

MTM market reports track Canadians use of media, technology, by province

The Toronto Star, Michael Lewis

Nearly half of Canadian web users now streaming music, most using mobile: poll

The Canadian Press, Michael Oliveira

MTM market reports track Canadians use of media, technology, by province

TV still No.1 but Internet growing as Canadians' main source of news: poll

The Canadian Press, Michael Oliveira

Nearly Half Of Anglophones Now Own A Tablet: MTM

Chris Powell, Marketing Magazine

Online music streaming on the rise in Canada, with most using YouTube: report

The Canadian Press, Michael Oliveira

Almost 2/3 of anglophone Canadians on social media, mobile usage surging: poll

The Canadian Press, Michael Oliveira

Netflix Subscribers Now Nearly A Third Of English Canada

The Canadian Press, Michael Oliveira

Cord-Cutting: 1 In 7 Canadians Say They're Likely To Ditch Cable

The Canadian Press, Michael Oliveira

Seniors' smartphone usage low among Canadians

The Canadian Press

Old folks give Facebook its biggest boost

The Canadian Press, Michael Oliveira

Well-heeled boomers narrowing tech-use gap

The Canadian Press, Michael Oliveira

Millennials' mobile tech savvy leaves boomers behind, Emily Chung

One-third of Canadians watch TV online, CRTC says, Laura Payton

MTM says 21% of Canadians subscribe to Netflix

The Wire Report, Simon Doyle and Anja Karadeglija

Netflix might have doubled its Canadian subscribers in the past year

Michael Oliveira, The Canadian Press

Canadas francophones slower to adopt new technology

Michael Oliveira, The Canadian Press

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Press Release

Anglophones' Podcast Listening Habits

Introducing MTM junior! A look to Canada’s future

The majority of Canadians still subscribe to a paid TV service, however, a new group is emerging - TV My Way Canadians

The Media Technology Monitor (MTM) Releases a New Report Exploring the Media Habits of Anglophone Families

According to new MTM report: 85% of online Canadians report having some level of concern surrounding the impact of fake news in the world today, plus other key findings


Discover how Canadians use media and technology from coast to coast!

Three networks, three ways to engage: how Canadians use social networks

Canadian viewing profiles

It's not just Netflix anymore

Canadian's watching pirated TV and movie content, the MTM examines this unique group

Truth, trust and fake news: the Canadian perspective

Online audio redefined

Are You a Sports Enthusiast? Find Out How This Unique Group Is Consuming Sports Content With the MTM’s Latest Release!

What Are They Streaming? Get the Latest on Anglophones, Genre Preferences For Online Streaming With the MTM!

Ready. Set. Game! – Get the Latest on Anglophones, Gaming and E-sports With the MTM

Anglophones’ Podcast Listening Habits

Social Networking: an Extensive Look at the Current Landscape

The Media Technology Monitor (Mtm) Releases a New Report Exploring Adoption of Smart Speakers in Canada

According to New MTM Report: One In Seven Canadians Have Pirated TV or Movie Content Online, Plus Other Key Findings

Which Screen Will Consumers Choose When They Have Multiple?

Find Out How Canadians Are Listening to Radio

Ownership and Usership

Two in Five Canadians Have Used a Virtual Assistant in the Past Month, According to New Media Technology Monitor Report

Watching What They Want, Where They Want, When They Want – TV My Way Canadians

The Majority Of Canadians Still Subscribe To A Paid Tv Service

Top Five Media And Tech Trends According The MTM

The MTM Launches Its Newest Report Series, Technology Through The Ages, To Discuss How Different Age Cohorts Engage With Media And Technology

Dollars, Cents And Data: The Mtm Examines How Online Canadians Bank

When “Seeing” Isn’t Believing: The Mtm Gauges Canadians Perception Of “Fake News”

Discover How Canadians Use Media And Technology From Coast To Coast!

Find Out How Anglophone Canadians Consume News In The MTM’s Newest Report

“Cell Phone Only” Households Are Distinct In Their Media Habits, An MTM Study Reveals

A New MTM Report Provides Insight Into Over-The-Top TV Usage In Canada

How Do Canada’s Visible Minorities Adopt Media And Technology?

Social Networking: A Broad Overview And An In-Depth Look

Streaming Media And Streaming Music: Check Out The MTM’s Latest Reports

Canadian Tv Subscriptions: Cutting, Shaving Or Maintaining?

How Are Canadians Tuning In?

They Wanted It, And They Got It, But Are Canadians Subscribing To Starter TV Subscriptions Or Pick And Pay TV?

Find Out How Canadians Are Listening to Radio and What They Are Using Their Tablets for!

Mobile Phones Turned From a Luxurious Technological Tool to Becoming a Necessity in the Lives of Most Canadians

The Media Technology Monitor Releases Two New Reports About TV

The Internet Has Become An Essential Tool In The Lives Of Most Canadians


The Senior Generation (71+) And Their Media And Technology Use

The MTM Releases Two New Reports-Find Out The Media And Technology Profiles of Boomers and Intenret Usage by Langauge Market

MTM Releases Two Reports Looking At The Top Music Streaming Services And Podcasting In Canada

MTM Report Provides Insight Into Netflix Usage In Canada

Here Comes Gen X -The MtM Launches Its Second Report In Its Technology Adoption By Generation Series Which Discusses How Different Age Cohorts Engage With Technology

The MTM Launches Its Latest Report Series-Technology Adoption By Generation-To Discuss How Different Age Cohorts Engage With Technology. First Up, Millennials

How Do You Discover New Tv Content?

Find Out How Canadians Are Embracing Social Networking

Canadians Make News A Part Of Their Daily Routine

The MTM Makes A Surprising Discovery About Public Perception Of Ott Services Like Netflix, Cravetv And Shomi

New survey data is here!

The new MTM season is here! Check out our latest new adoption report, now available!

The MTM's most recent survey results find nearly half of Canadians using OTT services such as Netflix, up 32 percent VS. past year

“Cell phone only” households are distinct in their media habits, an MTM study reveals

The MTM releases two new reports – Find out the media and technology profiles of Boomers and Seniors in Canada

Media and Technology Among Millennials

How are Canadians consuming news?

Who’s watching YouTube and how are they watching?

Discover how Canadians use media and technology from coast to coast!

Francophone’s Use of English Language TV and Film

How are Canadians using their smartphones to stream media? The MTM releases a new report

MTM releases two new reports: Cellphone Revolution and The Rise of Tablets

Post it, tweet it, pin it, snap it or put it up on Reddit. Find out how Canadians are using these 5 distinct social networks!

What is the media consumption device of choice for multi-screen owners?

Canadians are engaging with the TV they watch!

The Spring 2015 Adoption, Top 5 Sneak Peek Reports and New Survey Data Have Been Posted!

Liking, tweeting, networking and connecting. Find out how Canadians are embracing Social Networking

Who are Canadian Cord-Cutters? Two new MTM reports provide insight into how Canadians are living without paid TV subscriptions

Where do Canadians Tune in?

Find out how Online Video Streaming is impacting the Canadian Media Landscape

The Internet has become an essential tool in the lives of most Canadians

The Media Technology Monitor releases two new reports about TV

Big Data Has Landed

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