Trending Tool

The dynamic Trending Tool has combined the specificity of the demographic tool with the longevity of the trending tool to give users more control than ever before when looking at the MTM data over time. In addition to just being able to see data based on language market as was previously the case, it is now possible to view over a decade of data filtered by key demographic variables over time.

Over a Decade of Data

One of the strengths of the MTM is its longevity, and the Trending Tool allows users to take full advantage of more than a decade of data it has amassed over that time. With consistently reliable information having being gathered for the past twelve years, this new tool gives insight into how new technologies and services enter the market and alter the landscape – sometimes supporting existing technologies and sometimes causing disruption in the market. Understanding these changes over time can provide insight for the future.

Trending Over 100 Technologies, Services & Activities

The Trending Tool lets subscribers see how technologies, services and activities have evolved over time. Whether it’s tracking the traditional technologies like radio and television or new technologies like smartphones and tablets, the Trending Tool can provide insight. Even activities such as social networking, online video viewing and multitasking are available in this useful tool.

Filter by Over 30 Demographic Variables

This dynamic tool now allows users to filter by more than 30 demographic variables including language market, age, gender, region, community size, education, household income, visible minority status, and more.

Multiple Output Options

With so many filter options now available, users can run just one variable or demographic filter at a time or look at multiple analyses all at once for comparison. The new tool also lets you select from line or bar charts and then export the data in the format that works best for you – Excel, JPEG or PDF.