MTM Junior is the first annual youth media survey in Canada. It focuses on the behaviours and activities of Canadians aged 2-17 to better understand the media consumptions habits of today’s youngest audiences and consumers.

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Over 800 Variables to Choose From

Netflix or YouTube? iPhone or Pixel? Instagram or Snapchat? Disney or Teletoon? Podcasts or Playlists? MTM Jr.’s youth media study provides subscribers with insights on all things media whether it be on traditional platforms or new, MTM Jr. makes it a breeze to learn it all.

Device Ownership and Use

Smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearables, smart speakers


Game console ownership, online gaming, esports

Streaming Video

YouTube, SVOD services (e.g. Netflix), devices used

Household Profile Income

Income, region, household composition, language

Streaming Audio

Podcasting, music streaming services, devices used

Household Technology Profile

Paid TV subscriptions (e.g. cable, satellite), Internet access, SVOD subscriptions

AM/FM Radio

Consumption of AM/FM radio and audio content (traditional and online)

Social Networking

Sites and devices used, parental controls


Clients have full access to past and current questionnaires for more efficient analysis.


Our executive-level syndicated reports provide targeted information on the behaviours and activities of children aged 2 - 17 making it easier for readers to find the information they want about the topics that interest them the most.

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Representative Methodology

MTM Jr. is based on an online survey. Parents answer the first part of the survey , for children aged 11 years old and under, while teens were required to respond to their own set of questions.

Large Sample

MTM Jr. data is based on approximately 2,100 households with 3,200 children, aged 2-17, equally split between Anglophones and Francophones.

Across Canada in Two Language Markets

As with MTM 18+, MTM Jr is keenly aware of the importance of understanding how youth across all regions of Canada and in both language official language markets consume content. MTM Jr. surveys approximately 1 400 Anglophones and 1 400 Francophones each year across all of the provinces to ensure comparability.

More on Methodology

Data Analysis Tool (DAT)

The Data Analysis Tool (DAT) gives subscribers hands-on access to the interactive data sets in a user-friendly format. The DAT makes it easy for businesses to zero in on the data they want and tailor it to their needs through customizable analysis of hundreds of variables. Users can filter variables by devices, demographic groups, brands or technologies. Output can be viewed on screen or exported to a preferred file type for easy use.

Ouput Data Views

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Variables at Once

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Trending Tool

The dynamic Trending Tool leverages prior years of data in one place. This tool allows subscribers to see how technologies and services have progressed over time giving users the ability to view the evolving penetration of hundreds of variables either by language market or by key demographics, technology ownership or other media behaviours.

3 Years of Reliable Data

Trend 100s of Technologies and Media Behaviours

Extensive Filtering Options

Multiple Output Options

Our Other Products

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