The Media Technology Monitor

The Media Technology Monitor (MTM) is Canada’s premier research product in the area of technology ownership and usage. When it launched in 2005, the MTM recognized the importance of understanding the Canadian market through the lens of Canadian data. While many large media technology studies simply focus on the North American market as a whole, lumping Canada in with the U.S. can blur the distinctiveness of our regulated, bilingual environment.

Filling this void, the MTM is a media survey that is conducted twice a year in the fall and spring with a total of 12,000 interviews annually. As technology advances, it is imperative to collect information through both traditional and contemporary means. With this in mind, respondents are contacted within both landline and cell-phone only households. This blended sampling approach can reach 99% of Canadians, and in 2014, the MTM extended this blended approach even further by launching its first online survey that focused on the online activities of respondents.

The Media Technology Monitor is the most accurate and comprehensive media technology survey of its kind in Canada, and having spoken to over 140,000 Canadians over the past decade, the MTM is able to track technology adoption and use from the innovation stage through to saturation. Another distinguishing factor that sets the MTM apart from any other media usage survey of its kind is the large sample sizes for both Anglophones AND Francophones. Each year 6,000 Anglophones and 6,000 Francophones are interviewed from across Canada making it possible to compare and identify similarities and differences between the language markets.

The MTM surveys focus on both traditional and emerging forms of media and technology, helping to provide a more complete picture of how individuals consume content. In particular, the MTM aims to examine the following:

  1. What devices/services Canadians use for their media consumption? This includes questions about television and radio platforms, service providers, Internet use, smartphone and tablet adoption, etc.
  2. How do Canadians use these devices? This includes information on social networking, online audio and video, 4 screen households, social TV and over-the-top programming services such as Netflix

As a subscription service, the MTM prides itself in providing users with the access they need to the data they want in a convenient and user-friendly way. In 2010, the MTM Portal was launched to provide just this kind of access and in 2015 and 2018, the Portal expanded yet again to improve upon this accessibility. With access to reports, data analysis tools, interactive trending tools and forecasting tools, the MTM Portal gives users multiple touch points to interact with both new and historical data.

MTM Mission Statement

The MTM provides a foundation for strategic thinking through high quality research and in depth analysis into the adoption and use of media and technology in Canada.

MTM Vision Statement

We are a leading provider of media and technology research in Canada about Canadians. We understand the past, measure the present and forecast the future. MTM is synonymous with quality and is a name that people know and trust. We are thought leaders, innovators, and strategic partners for governments, major corporations and other businesses that operate in Canada. Our clients’ success is our success.