MTM 18+

MTM 18+ was the first Media Technology Monitor study to launch nearly 25 years ago, making it one of the longest running and most trusted sources of information in the area of technology ownership and use in Canada. Based on over 12,000 telephone interviews annually with Canadians 18 years and older (including a cell-phone only sample), MTM 18+ has spoken with more than 300,000 Canadians over the years resulting in the most accurate and comprehensive media technology tracking survey of its kind.

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High Quality,
Reliable Results
About ALL Canadians

Thanks to large sample sizes and a rigorous methodology, OTM 18+ clients have access to accurate and reliable data about ALL Canadians, allowing you to visualize data on a multitude of key demographic niches.

Large Sample Size Over Time

MTM 18+ data is based on interviews with over 12,000 Canadians, across two survey periods (Fall and Spring) with high response rates that exceed industry standards. The longevity of this study makes it unique in the industry, with nearly 25 years of data collection to build upon and over 300,000 respondents to help users understand changing media trends over time.

Two Language Markets

The MTM understands that Anglophones and Francophones consume existing and new media technology differently. To ensure quality data for both official language groups, MTM 18+ surveys 6000 Anglophones and 6000 Francophones annually including Francophones living outside of Quebec and Anglophones inside of Quebec (OLMC).

Canadians from Coast to Coast to Coast

In addition to surveying Canadians from across all provinces and regions, MTM 18+ is now the ONLY media study to include respondents from the Northern territories as well. Promotional efforts for the Northern sample were made available in Inuktitut and Cree for maximum impact and participation.

More on Methodology

Questionnaires & Topics Guide

Clients have full access to past and current questionnaires and topics guides including variable IDs for more efficient analysis.


MTM 18+ provides users with approximately 70 executive level reports and infographics each year on a wide range of trends, activities and demographic groups written in both official languages.

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Free Training & Expert Advice

Whether you have questions about data, need a refresher on how to use the tools or want to introduce new team members to the product, training and expert support is included.

Unlimited Seats

Subscribers can either control access to key users with login credentials or provide access to the entire company through IP authentication free of charge.

Three Tools to Make the Data Work For You

While the reports provide insights at the highest level based on language market, MTM 18+ also provides subscribers with direct access to the data through three unique and interactive tools. These powerful but easy-to-use tools put data at the fingertips of the user for tailored insights about your target audiences and customers.

Data Analysis Tool (DAT)

The Data Analysis Tool (DAT) gives subscribers hands-on access to the massive data sets of MTM 18+ in a user-friendly format. The DAT makes it easy for businesses to zero in on the data they want and customize it to their needs through tailored analysis of thousands of variables. Past data sets dating back to 2016; multiple market options; and the ability to run frequencies and crosstabs all at the touch of a button helps to bring key insights to light.

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Run Multiple
Variables at Once

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Trending Tool

One of the strengths of MTM 18+ is its longevity, and the dynamic Trending Tool leverages the power of nearly 25 years of data in one place. This tool lets subscribers see how technologies and services have progressed over time giving users the ability to view the evolving penetration of hundreds of variables either by language market or by key demographics, technology ownership or other media behaviours.

Nearly 25 years of Reliable Data

Trend 100s of Technologies and Media Behaviours

Extensive Filtering Options

Multiple Output Options

Forecasting Tool

In a world where the media and technology landscape is constantly changing, understanding the interests of the Canadian consumer can be key to making strategic decisions for the future of your business. Leveraging a strong understanding of the media industry and building on the comprehensive datasets of the MTM, the Forecasting Tool provides users with a trusted source of technology projection.

5 Year Projections

Leverage the Expertise of Industry Experts

Forecasts for Both Official Language Markets

Close to 20 Technologies and Behaviours

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