In a time-crunched world, our executive-level syndicated reports provide targeted information in an accessible way making it easier for readers to find the information they want about the topics that interest them the most. In addition to the Adoption Reports and free Sneak Peeks, users can access numerous other reports focusing on different technologies, trends, activities and demographic groups.

70+ Reports Per Year

Across all three MTM products - 18+, Junior, Newcomers - industry experts provide clients with approximately 70 reports and infographics each year on a range of different technologies and activities. These highly visual reports synthesize the information you need for easy access.

Unique Segments & Markets

In addition to the numerous reports focussing on media habits, MTM also provides users with multiple reports which focus on important demographic segments: visible minorities, OLMC markets, age, region of origin, official language, Indigenous people, regions of Canada and more.

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Sneak Peek Reports

Each year with the launch of our new data, we create short Sneak Peek Reports which highlight some of the new and exciting findings from the most recent data and provide insight into what's to come from the upcoming season of reports.

TikTalking about TikTok

In the last year, TikTok has become one the most talked about new social media apps. With the COVID-19 pandemic, TikTok drew additional attention as users had more time to engage with the app. This report looks at the use of TikTok, who are the heavy users and what else TikTok users are engaging in.

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TV Distribution (2024)

MTM 18+ | May 22, 2024

This latest report takes a deeper look at paid TV subscriptions, the relationship between SVOD and paid TV services, service providers and bundling, along with new data regarding reported costs of TV service

Press Release

Meta & News

MTM 18+ | May 14, 2024

Press Release

MTM JR: The Futures Report 2024

Junior | April 30, 2024

Press Release

MTM JR Sneak Peek 2024

Junior | April 30, 2024

Free infographic

Hold the Phone – Newcomers and Cellphones 2024

Newcomers | April 18, 2024

This report examines cellphone adoption and use among newcomers compared to the Canadian-born population, including ownership, service providers and various activities performed on these multi-use tools.

Press Release

Kids and Traditional TV (2024)

Junior | April 04, 2024

Press Release

Big Screens, Small Screens, All Screens

MTM 18+ | March 26, 2024

At one time going to the movies was a special outing - going to the theatre, watching on the big screen, eating popcorn. But we are no longer restricted to going out to watch movies - they are available to us at any time in the comfort of our own homes. That also allows people to watch MORE movies, since there is less effort (and money) required.

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Sneak Peek - MTM 18+ Fall 2023

MTM 18+ | March 07, 2024

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Fall 2023 Adoption Report

MTM 18+ | March 07, 2024


MTM 18+ Fall 2023 data now available on the Data Analysis and Trending Tool

MTM 18+ | March 07, 2024

Adoption Cycle Charts - Fall 2023

MTM 18+ | March 07, 2024


Newcomers and the News (2024)

Newcomers | February 29, 2024

This report takes a fulsome look at news consumption, from key demographics, to different sources, platforms and so much more.

Press Release

Baby Boomers (2024)

MTM 18+ | February 22, 2024

This report profiles ownership and use of media technology among anglophone Canadian Baby Boomers and how they compare to other anglophones in the country. To further the analysis, this generation has been split into younger (58 to 67 year olds) and older (68 to 77 year olds) cohorts.

Press Release

Generation X (2024)

MTM 18+ | February 22, 2024

Known for their resourcefulness and independent nature, most Gen Xers have reached or are reaching their potential peak earning years, which means they have the disposable income to afford most of the technology out there. As the first generation of individuals to have grown up with personal computers, Gen X is tech savvy, a trait they share with their younger counterparts. But does this similarity transfer over into media consumption and device ownership habits? Dive into this report to find out!

Press Release

Generation Z and Y (2024)

MTM 18+ | February 22, 2024

This report compares younger anglophones against older anglophones. For the purpose of this analysis, we separate younger anglophones into Gen Z (18 25 year olds ) and Gen Y (26 42 year olds ).

Press Release

See the latest market reports

MTM 18+ | February 08, 2024

Press Release

Audio (2023)

MTM 18+ | January 30, 2024

Press Release

Audio Odyssey

Junior | January 30, 2024

Press Release

So What Is There to Watch?

MTM 18+ | January 11, 2024

How do Canadians pick what to watch or listen to? There is no simple or straightforward answer, but this is a critical question. How do people move from "peak content" to "picked content"?

Press Release

So What Is There to Listen to?

MTM 18+ | January 11, 2024

Press Release

Canadian Teens and Video Discoverability

Junior | January 11, 2024

Press Release

Indigenous Peoples and Media Technology (2023)

MTM 18+ | December 15, 2023

Press Release

Tuning In – Radio in Canada (2023)

MTM 18+ | December 07, 2023

Press Release

Audio and Radio (2023)

Newcomers | December 07, 2023

Press Release

Kids Consuming Content in Other Languages

Junior | December 05, 2023

When it comes to TV and movies, Canadian kids aren’t just watching in their mother tongue. The MTM JR. has the newest fi ndings on kids consuming content in other languages.

Press Release

Canadian Viewing Profiles (2023)

MTM 18+ | November 23, 2023

This report looks at the different viewing profiles of Canadians based on self-reported MTM TV/video viewing data.

Press Release

MTM Newcomers Sneak Peek 2023

Newcomers | November 16, 2023

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MTM Newcomers Top Trends Report 2023

Newcomers | November 16, 2023

Press Release

MTM Newcomers 2023 data now available on the Data Analysis Tool

Newcomers | November 16, 2023

Data Analysis Tool

On Demand: Kids and SVODs

Junior | October 24, 2023

This report offers an overview of SVOD service use amongst kids under 18 in the anglophone market.

Press Release

FAST Channels

MTM 18+ | October 12, 2023

A new way to watch content has arrived in the form of FAST Channels. Free Ad supported Streaming Television (FAST) channels are similar to linear TV channels in that they offer content on a schedule, and not solely on demand. Have Canadians started checking these platforms?

Press Release

Newcomers, TV and Video (2023)

Newcomers | October 05, 2023

This report looks at the video viewing habits of newcomers including what types of content they watch, SVOD services and channels used, language of content accessed and devices used.

Press Release

Car Audio

Junior, MTM 18+ | September 21, 2023

route in vehicles? Listening to audio content has long been the go to form of entertainment while driving, but what sources do people get their audio from? This report looks at what Canadians listen to when in a car.

Press Release

Infographic: It’s Screen Time

Junior | September 14, 2023

Free infographic

Canadian Perspectives Towards Social Media

MTM 18+ | August 24, 2023

Social media has become a very important part of Canadian life. Canadians use numerous networks and spend hours using these resources weekly. But in recent years there have been questions about the value of social media and if it is having positive or negative impacts. So how do Canadian social networkers feel about social media? Is it becoming more toxic? Should we be able to say absolutely anything online?

Press Release

Anglophones and Social Media (2023)

MTM 18+ | August 24, 2023

Social media is ubiquitous in Canadian society. On a daily basis , the majority of Canadians are following some sort of personalized online feed, keeping them up to date with friends, influencers, and even news content. This report gives us a look at the use of social media in the anglophone market: what sites or apps they use, how much time they spend, and what they do on social media.

Press Release

Newcomers and Social Media (2023)

Newcomers | August 24, 2023

Press Release

The castaway’s survival guide to entertainment

MTM 18+ | August 10, 2023

Free infographic

Childrens’ Podcast Listening Habits (2023)

Junior | July 27, 2023

Press Release

The First Query into ChatGPT

MTM 18+ | July 19, 2023

Launched in November 2022, ChatGPT has gotten a lot of attention. This AI chatbot offers users the opportunity to engage in human-like conversations or create content. This report gives us a first look at the use of ChatGPT among online Canadians.

Press Release

Kids, teens and social media

Junior | July 06, 2023

Press Release

Canadians and the Search for Great Content

MTM 18+ | June 22, 2023

Free infographic

Canadian Perspectives Towards News and News Avoidance

MTM 18+ | June 15, 2023

Free Report

Cell Phones (2023)

MTM 18+ | June 08, 2023

Press Release

What Canadians Want In A Smartphone

MTM 18+ | May 25, 2023

Across different service providers, Canadian’s have an array of different options when it comes to picking a cell phone. What do they consider when making this choice?

Free infographic

MTM JR: The Futures Report 2023

Junior | May 09, 2023

Press Release

MTM JR Sneak Peek 2023

Junior | May 09, 2023

Free infographic

MTM JR 2023 data now available on the Data Analysis and Trending Tools

Junior | May 09, 2023

Charged Up and Ready to Connect

Junior | May 01, 2023

Media has been shaped by the widespread adoption of mobile devices, especially by children. In terms of usage, adoption and content, there is much to know and understand about kids and smartphones.

Press Release

Internet-Connected TVs

MTM 18+ | April 06, 2023

There are many screens available to Canadians to access the Internet, but one of the most intriguing devices for Internet access is the TV screen. As Subscription Video on Demand services have become more prevalent, so have Internet-connected TVs. New TV sets usually have an Internet-connection built in to make the process easier.

Press Release

Watching Gaming and E-Sports Content

Junior, MTM 18+ | March 28, 2023

Building on our recent MTM 18+ and MTM Jr. gaming reports, this publication focuses on watching gaming content and e-sports, specifically key demographics among Canadians of all ages who consume this content, as well as how they spend their time with

Press Release

Reaching Back

Newcomers | March 14, 2023

Newcomers still maintain connections to their country of origin even after arriving in Canada. Keeping in touch with friends and family back home is important, as that allows them to maintain emotional support, as well as preserve important cultural connections.

Press Release

Binge Watching (2023)

MTM 18+ | February 21, 2023

Free infographic

What Do Newcomers Think About Canadian News?

Newcomers | February 09, 2023

Newcomers (as well as Canadian born) have access to a countless number of news sources. Outlets from Canada, other countries and news sources with a global focus are all a tap or swipe away, 24 hours a day. With so many options available, thoughts surrounding trust become essential to truly understanding news consumption.

Press Release

It’s in the Game

MTM 18+ | January 26, 2023

Video games evolved rapidly since their advent roughly 50 years ago. Despite becoming increasingly complex and diverse over time, the proliferation growth of free-to-play and online titles has meant fewer barriers to entry and has allowed gaming to reach wider audiences than ever before.

Press Release

Youth and Video Games (2023)

Junior | January 26, 2023

This report provides an overview of adoption and engagement of gaming among kids under 18 in the anglophone market. Topics include gaming across devices, purchase and usage of gaming accessories, watching gaming and e sports content, and much more.

Press Release

Do You Have A Security System At Home?

MTM 18+ | December 05, 2022

Free infographic

What’s Going on With the News

MTM 18+ | November 24, 2022

Canadians have long immersed themselves with news content. As the media world has changed, adopting new technologies, so have Canadian news consumers. Not only are people using traditional types of news media such as newspapers, radio, and TV, but are looking at news online in many different ways – not just reading text articles.

Press Release

Navigating Current Events

Junior | November 24, 2022

Canadian adults are big consumers of news content. They consume content online, on TV, in newspapers and on the radio. But does this appetite for news spill over to kids? Are kids interested in news, and if they are, where do they go to find out what is going on?

The Podcast Experience

MTM 18+ | November 17, 2022

Podcasts have carved out their own niche in the audio/radio space. By focusing on long form, episodic content and often more niche topics than radio broadcasts, podcast content has become a notable part of the media diet of many Canadians.

Press Release

How Teens Engage With Ads on Social Media

Junior | October 27, 2022

We asked a series of questions directly to teens about their behaviour surrounding ads on social media and we present this information in this mini report along with an overview of social media usage among Canadians aged 12-17.

Press Release

Youth and TV Language Content (2022)

Junior | October 13, 2022

Canadian youth (2-17 years old) are consuming TV and movies in both official languages more commonly and more often than you might think. There is a growing aptitude among both French and English youth that regularly watch in the other official language.

Free infographic

Cord Cutting (2022)

MTM 18+ | September 29, 2022

Paid TV services have been impacted by an ever-increasing selection of Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) services and the array of free video content provided by online TV. People that previously paid for conventional TV, are opting out, and people that have never had a paid TV service don’t see the value of subscribing to it.

Press Release

Sharing SVOD Accounts

MTM 18+ | September 15, 2022

The vast majority of Canadian households have access to at least one Subscription Video on Demand service (SVOD). But sharing these with someone else is as simple as providing your name and password. People sharing their subscriptions with friends or extended family members may have had a notable impact on the reach of SVOD services.

Press Release

SVOD Services Market Landscape 2022

MTM 18+ | August 30, 2022

This report takes a deep dive into subscriber growth over time in the anglophone market for key SVOD services in Canada, explores who is watching, and digs into subscription preferences and behaviour.

Press Release

Kids and SVODs (2022)

Junior | August 30, 2022

This report provides an overview of SVODs amongst kids under 18 in the anglophone market.

Press Release

"Do you have a vinyl record collection?"

MTM 18+ | July 20, 2022

Canadians love music and have warmed up to the sound of vinyl records again. What do we know about record collectors in 2022?

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Junior, MTM 18+ | June 23, 2022

This report takes a deep dive into TikTok – who uses the platform, which other platforms its users are engaging with, and how they use the platform itself.

Press Release

How Canadians of All Ages Use Youtube

Junior, MTM 18+ | June 09, 2022

This report is a special release based on data from both MTM 18+ and MTM Jr., focusing on how kids and adults use YouTube and the platform’s place in a broader media landscape in their daily lives.

Press Release

Would you rather watch a movie at home or in a movie theatre?

MTM 18+ | March 29, 2022

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MTM 18+ | January 20, 2022

This report looks at anglophones use of AM/FM radio content on traditional receivers, satellite radio usage, and streaming radio listenership.

Press Release

Happy Holidays

MTM 18+ | December 20, 2021

Click here for our holiday card

World TV Day

MTM 18+ | November 19, 2021

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Online Video Rentals During COVID-19

MTM 18+ | November 09, 2021

While Canadians are now slowly venturing back to movie theatres, many movie goers had to find other ways to get their movie fix during the previous year.

Media & Technology in the North

MTM 18+ | October 21, 2021

The Northern population is a highly under-researched part of Canada. By expanding the scope of the MTM 18+ to survey the North, we have a unique opportunity to examine how those residing in Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut compare and contrast to the average Canadian.

Press Release

TV Fandom

MTM 18+ | October 13, 2021

The Internet provides TV viewers with additional opportunities to find out about or follow the TV shows they watch. In addition to official websites and apps created by show producers and staff, there are also fan-created options for other fans to check out. Social media also gives fans an opportunity to follow and interact with cast members from their favourite shows. This report profiles TV viewers and their fan activities online.

Press Release

Canadians and At-Home Fitness

MTM 18+ | October 06, 2021

With the majority of Canadians adopting a more sedentary lifestyle while working or studying from home many have decided to prioritize their physical and mental health. These unique circumstances have led some Canadians to pump up their endorphins at home by using fitness apps, purchasing workout equipment and watching online fitness videos.

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What Have You Been Watching During COVID?

MTM 18+ | June 02, 2021

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Homeschooling During COVID-19

MTM 18+ | July 09, 2020

In a special COVID edition of the Spring Media Technology Monitor (MTM), we looked at the various educational tools that parents of kids between the ages of 7-17 have been using to help with the learning process while in quarantine.

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Canadian Teens and News Consumption

Junior | April 15, 2020

Almost half of Canadian teens said they’ve accessed news in the past month. This infographic focuses on Canadian youth (12 to 17), the different sources they use to access news, their frequency of use, as well as their concern with fake news.

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Teens and Communication

Junior | March 11, 2020

8 in 10 Canadian teens (12-17) say that they would rather communicate through technology than in person. Here are the favourite ways for them to connect with their friends

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YouTube Birthday

MTM 18+ | February 14, 2020

Happy Birthday YouTube!

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The $5000 Question

MTM 18+ | January 10, 2020

Few technologies have changed daily life as much as the cell phone. Canadians do countless daily tasks on their phones, like browsing, watching videos, streaming music, checking the weather, banking and much more. With this in mind, the MTM proposed a new question to our online survey respondents.

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How Canadian Youth Like to Spend Their Spare Time

Junior | September 05, 2019

In a modern era, youth have more and more things competing for their attention. Growing up along side significant changes in media and technology means that childhood today is a very different experience than even a decade ago. With so many possibilities available, we surveyed Canada’s youth aged 2 to 17 years old to find out how they like to spend their spare time.

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Teched In

MTM 18+ | July 11, 2019

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Cord Jumping

MTM 18+ | January 10, 2019

The Media Technology Monitor (MTM) releases a brand new infographic on cord jumping, wherein people cancel a subscription to an OTT or TV service with intent to resubscribe later.

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Early Adopters

MTM 18+ | November 07, 2018

For some Canadians, when a new piece of technology emerges, they have to get their hands on it. While technology adoption grows over time, some want to get in on the ground floor and be among the first to try something new. But what sets this group apart from other Canadians?

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Financial Habits of Online Canadians

MTM 18+ | July 26, 2017

As the choice of Internet activities expands, the banking sector continues to lead way as the vast majority of services are now available online. Canadians are choosing the convenience of online banking to simplify their lives with tools that make all types of financial transactions a breeze. This move to online and mobile banking is not necessarily to the detriment of traditional banking services, however.

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